The ‘Bush Circle’ participants were greatly impacted by the presence and involvement of Den Barber for his on-site cultural facilitation. Eighty five percent of ‘Bush Circle’ participants are Aboriginal and the majority embarked on this program to learn about their culture in ways they hadn’t previously. Many participants continue to reflect on the power of their first smoking ceremony, or an experience at a traditional site on their identity and other positive changes. Many who don’t have family in their life, reflected on the healing effect of talking with Aboriginal community in the Blue Mountains.  


Bahadur Bryson

Bush Circle Coordinator

Speak Out Dual Diagnosis Program

Weave Youth Family Community




Congratulations on a fantastic Living Country Culture Camp 2011.

By any measure this year’s camp at Bents Basin State Conservation Area was a huge success. I understand that it was attended by more than 200 people. Participants enjoyed cultural dancing, craft, swimming, canoeing, fishing, great food, fantastic weather and respectful, happy company. My family and I enjoyed the experience and look forward to the next Living Country Culture Camp in 2012.

On behalf of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Advisory Committee, congratulations on the delivery of another outstanding camp.


Richard Mackay, AM


Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Advisory Committee






Thank you for providing me with your report on your trip to Auckland for the World Heritage and Indigeneity Workshop. I was pleased to hear that the workshop provided a great experience for you, particularly in terms of cross-cultural education and the opportunity to be involved in the promotion of Indigenous rights and aspirations for World Heritage properties. I was also interested to read your report on Living Country in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area and to hear your views on the use of the joint management model for World Heritage Areas. I look forward to hearing more about your work on this issue. 

I wish you well in your future work in these areas.

Robyn Parker MP

Minister for the Environment

12 September 2012













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